Lack of sleep can make you cranky, moody, depressed and anxious. It could be harder to think straight or remember things. Also, insomnia is linked to high bp, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Apart from this, there are a few reasons you have insomnia. If you are unaware of them and facing sleep problems, you should read this article. If you know that you are facing sleep problems, you consult a top psychiatrist in Chennai who is one of the best doctors in treating medical issues like insomnia.


In today's generation, everyone is getting stressed due to job tensions, loss of loved ones, breakups, etc. If this continues for more than weeks, it is called acute insomnia. If it crosses long terms, it will be known as chronic insomnia because it leads to conditions like panic attacks, anxiety disorder and PTSD.

Irregular Sleep Times

Due to various reasons like watching web series late at night office work, people are not maintaining a proper sleep time. It makes the body confused about getting a night of decent sleep. If you are facing sleep problems, you are highly requested to visit any expert like the best psychiatrist doctor in Chennai.

Mental illness

To enjoy your life in a quality manner, mental health plays a significant role. You may know that people who have depression have many sleep problems, which include insomnia. It's not typical to wake up all night for weeks as it becomes dangerous and makes your life worse than you imagine.

Breathing problems

Some people suffer from heavy snoring, which could make them wake up more often during nighttime. Conditions like asthma and nasal allergies can also interfere with your breathing and makes you awake in the middle of the night. You better consult with the right doctor and make your test done. 


When they reach middle age, women's body stops producing estrogen and progesterone. The shifting ratio of hormones and other changes that naturally happen in life at this time can make you more susceptible to something like anxiety that affects sleep. Severe hot flashes and surges of adrenaline that increase your body temperature could be so irritating that you awake soaked in sweat, sometimes multiple times at night.


Women who are facing PMS issues often encounter trouble sleeping. It usually happens soon before or during your period. Hormone shifts can impact your body temperature and its forecast of melatonin, a hormone necessary for bedtime. Furthermore, mood changes due to PMS or PMDD may make it more challenging to get good sleep. 

These are a few reasons that you are facing sleep problems. You are requested to take insomnia treatment with the right psychiatrist near you to control this problem.